In the Classroom

We can help you setup online classes and tests in software like Moodle, a learning management system.  We assist with server setup, class design and development, and even custom content.  We’ve also worked with numerous other supplement materials such as Study Island and Renaissance Learning.

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Online learning can be used in a blended model to supplement classroom learning, or can completely replace the classroom. But how to implement it? Do you buy classes, or create your own? What software should you use? How do you prevent cheating?

We’ve handled these challenges and more, and can help you navigate the complex task of setting up and maintaining an online learning system.  Things to consider in an online learning system:

  • Content – Buy or Build?  If buying, do the courses meet state standards?  Are they compatible with your learning management system? Are they hosted externally, or how are updates applied?  If building, how do you keep a consistent look and feel across classes?  How do you ensure there is no copyright infringement?
  • Learning Management System – Hosted or Internal?  If hosted, will you have access to the database for reporting?  How will you integrate the system with your SIS?  What kind of security is offered, and what is the guaranteed uptime for the system?  If internal, what staff and equipment will you need?  What kind of training will the staff need?
  • Online Learning Management – Amount of Teacher Involvement?  Even with a self-guided learning system, teachers will still need to be involved in the process.  For each class, who grades assignments such as writing samples?  How much time will it take?  Who helps students if they can’t use the system?  Who will proctor exams to ensure students are not cheating?
In The Classroom

Training for Teachers

Most software companies offer one day training where they try to train teachers on all aspects of their gradebook software. Instead, we break down the training in small chunks of just-in-time training. These 2 hour blocks are perfect for in-service or professional development days, and can be scheduled just before teachers are required to complete a task like generating their first report card.